We are a Central Virginia farm, growing nutrient-dense food, healthy soil, and biodiversity on organically managed, sustainable, and rotationally grazed pastures.

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"I visited Timshel Permaculture Farm this spring. I was looking for a new source of pasture-raised, organic soy-free grain fed chickens as I was hoping to be able to stop raising them myself. Until I toured the farm and learned from Daniel and Morgan their methods of raising chickens, I did not know of anyone else in the area who raised such nutrient-dense chicken - I'd had to raise my own for several years to get what I wanted. I was very happy to realize that their farming methods were exactly in line with my very high standards of care, feeding, and land management. I brought home a chicken to try and was thrilled that all of the above also resulted in a very tasty chicken! Our community is blessed to have Timshel Permaculture Farm producing such responsibly raised, nutrient-dense food for our well-being."

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