Organic Chicken

Regenerate the land; nourish the soul; heal the body.

Timshel Permaculture Farm is located between Charlottesville and Lynchburg and nestled into our precious nook of the Blue Ridge Mountains and perched above the ancient floodplain of the James River. Our undulating property has a multitude of ephemeral streams, some graduating into perennial creeks; all flowing to, and being part of, the James River Watershed.

Thus situated, we are a three hundred acre regenerative permaculture farm focused on fostering ecologically harmonic, diverse, purposeful, natural, and life-abundant systems.

We are not natural farmers but nature's gardeners. We believe in multispecies, mob-stalked, leader-follower, and holistic grazing systems based on nature’s observed patterns and founded on soil health, microbial diversity and regenerative management.

We absolutely and entirely do not provide or use any hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, vaccinations, medications, synthetic vitamins, appetite stimulants, injections, irradiations, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chlorine baths to our land or animals. Period.

Through both biomimicry and humble observation / application, our farm is an abundant, intensive soil-producing, organic matter accumulating, carbon-sequestering, and healing living system. Nature is at home here, as we are at home in it.

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How To Purchase

We do our very best to make the purchasing of our pastured meats as easy as possible. The most economical way to purchase our locally raised and sustainable pastured meats is to buy in bulk directly from the farm. To get started, contact us today and we will get back to you asap!

You can also buy our pastured meats from local retail stores, cafes, grocers, and markets:

Foods of All Nations


Grassroots Local Market


Farmstead Ferments


Farmers In The Park


Scottsville Farmer's Market


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