Traditional Chinese Medicine and Permaculture

The ancients understood that Nature was a constant – always moving, cyclic in its patterns, and forever seeking perfect balance. Under this traditional and harmonic canopy, humanity stands in balance between heaven and earth, for we are sustained by the bounties of the Earth and transformed by the power of Heaven. Thus positioned, the gardener and the doctor become one in purpose and practice: they cultivate life. Just as a garden is an ecologically harmonic, purpose-filled, natural, life-abundant, and season-based system that photosynthetically transforms sunlight (Yang) and water (Yin) into the living tissue of vegetation for human sustenance and nature’s fertilization, the human body is an interconnected symphony of Yang and Yin all acting in accordance with the musical vibrations and scores of both heaven and earth.

Simply put, Doctor as Gardener is the choice towards wholeness with the earth, by first contextualizing humanities purpose under God’s dominion covenant and then by defining our biological kinship and responsibility within such an marvelous creation.