Health Begins with Action

Serving Central Virginia

Timshel Permaculture Farm was founded in May 2017 in Nelson County, Virginia to help restore and regenerate the triumvirate of health — the health of people, the health of the earth, and the health of such components’ interactions - to foster ecologically harmonic, diverse, purposeful, natural, and life-abundant systems.

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We produce the best possible food because we need it. Daniel's sickness requires food that is not only nutrient dense, pure, and sustainable, but absolutely and entirely chemical free. This is why we do not provide or use any hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, vaccinations, medications, synthetic vitamins, appetite stimulants, injections, wormers, irradiations, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GMOs, or chlorine baths to our land, herds, or flocks. Ever. Period. That is our promise.