How to Save money

Holistic, regenerative, and organically supplemented food is quite expensive.

We believe that everyone should have access to actual food. Although a regenerative food system may the answer, a healthy food economy is the solution! If actual food is not accessible, it cannot be fully "healthy" for the earth, people, or the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, as it stands today, healthy and chemical free food costs much more to produce than commercial and chemically infused food. This is the world we live in; but we can work around it!

Therefore, we decided to offer discounts and coupons based off of certain customer-oriented tasks. By supporting our farm, you can reduce your food budget. It is that simple. We need help as a farm in increasing our reach and you need healthy food. By working together, we can regenerate the earth one bite at a time!

Thank you for partnering with us!