Pastured Poultry

Certified Naturally Grown & rotationally grazed chicken, minimally supplemented with Organic and Soy-Free local feeds

Our pastured poultry and nutrient-dense operation seeks to mimic and enhance the patterns and perfection of nature and its inextricably complex web of interrelationships.

After our chicks spend their fragile first two weeks in our clean, bright, and open-air brooder house, we set them out to pasture in open & movable “chicken tractors,” where they rotationally graze freely and abundantly. With the utmost liberty, they select their daily bounty of lush pasture, fescue, bountiful clover, protein-dense insects, soil organisms, and organic/soy-free feeds. We absolutely and entirely do not provide or use any hormones, fertilizers, antibiotics, vaccinations, medications, synthetic vitamins, appetite stimulants, injections, irradiations, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GMOs, or chlorine baths to our land or flock. Ever. Period. That is our promise.

Nature is at home here, as we are at home in it.

We strive to foster holistic health by applying designs observable in nature and within the realm of common sense, pushing to benefit ecology generally and our flock particularly.

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Holistically raising chickens organically and entirely on pasture leads to variations in weight. We do our best to produce consistent weights but leave the rest to nature.
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