Daniel Griffith

Daniel came to permaculture with a background in history, computer science, and mathematics. In 2013, he was diagnosed with life-altering medical conditions and ultimately found health, peace, and a regenerative life in the supreme abundance of our wonderfully created natural world.

Along with his wife (Morgan) and daughter (Elowyn), Daniel owns and operates Timshel Permaculture Farm, a three hundred acre regenerative and grass-based permaculture farm and nursery. Timshel supplies nutrient-dense foods and perennial products to Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and the many surrounding Central Virginian counties.

A tenacious autodidact, Daniel’s passions of forestry, horticulture, and animal husbandry saturate Timshel’s philosophy and mission: to regenerate the land; feed the soul; and nourish the body. His ardor for regenerative health and land management led him to study under the guidance and teaching of Geoff Lawton of Zaytuna Farm in Australia.

Daniel is our resident certified permaculture designer, Traditional Chinese Medicine student, horticulture and tree enthusiast, and regenerative farmer. Aside from his love for permanent agricultural systems and holistic health, Daniel is a historical scholar of the Early American West—whose published work includes “Daniel Boone: The Enigmatic Legend of American Mythology”—and is a traditional Colonial American woodworker. He has degrees in both Computer Science and American History and Political Philosophy. Most importantly, however, he is the father to the sweetest girl in the world and an undeserving husband to the most wonderful wife in the world.


Morgan Griffith

Morgan, tenderly known as The Momma, is the soul of the farm. With a bachelor’s in Biology, she seeks to nurture, promote, and perfect the life of the farm. Morgan designs mechanically sound and ecologically sustainable farming practices, while also providing the vital breath behind the day-to-day farm operations.

Farm Manager

Elowyn Griffith

Elowyn loves helping around the farm. She mainly loves taking our goats for walks (grabbing them by the horns) and digging in the dirt.